goSHOP E-Commerce Websites

Need an easy-to-use e-commerce website to sell your products or services securely online? Our goSHOP E-Commerce System allows our clients to very quickly set up an e-commerce website with many features, all at a low cost.

Visit our goSHOP Demo Website. This link opens new window.

A goSHOP E-Commerce Website

A website content management system with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create categories, optional sub-categories, and products

Low cost ($995 for initial set up of website, then $39/monthly fee)

We will add your logo and colors to match your brand.

Here are some examples of sites we have created:

Audrey's Feed and Tack

National Fish Pharmaceuticals

May's Beauty Products

Contact us for more information today: beverly@pdgostuart.com or phone 772-341-2122.

Visit our goSHOP E-Commerce Demo Website

Visit the Demo Website

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With a goSHOP E-Commerce Website you can:

  • Organize all of your products/services in categories or subcategories
  • Create unlimited categories and unlimited subcategories
  • Include images and descriptions for each category and subcategory
  • Display multiple images per product
  • Include metadata for each category and subcategory for higher potential rankings on Google
  • Allow customers to search by keyword, category, subcategory and manufacturer
  • Feature items on Home page
  • Feature categories on Home page
  • Add additional pages for information about your company or products
  • Add shipping data
  • Collect payment, shipping and taxes through Paypal (Paypal collects approximately 3% of each transaction.)
  • Incorporate links to social media accounts
  • Integrate with MailChimp. When a customer buys a product or submits a contact form, they are automatically added to your MailChimp email list database.