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Visit any WordPress design blog, support site, or tech board and you will read hundreds of posts from frustrated end users and designers seeking help from the cybersphere to fix problems with their site.

Most are looking for a solution to repair their WordPress to its original working condition, while others are simply hoping to update and secure their site against hacks. If you need help with a WordPress issue, we have a solution that is quick and affordable. We will fix your WordPress.

Our team of highly trained experts will troubleshoot your WordPress site to discover the root of the problem and work quickly to restore the CMS to proper working order. Although we back-up the site to secure your data, you will still maintain control over the content and design with the assurance that your site is up to date and safe. No fix is too big or too small for our programmers.

Common Symptoms of WordPress Problems

  • Syntax Error
  • Internal Server Error
  • 404 Page Not Found
  • Sidebar Appears at Bottom
  • Undefined Function Error
  • Missing Style Sheet
  • White Text
  • Missing Buttons or Toggles
  • Allowed Memory Exhausted Error
  • Administrator Lock Out
  • Missing Images

Common Problems:

My WordPress site has been hacked.
WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for the creation and management of web and blog content. The plug-in architecture and template-based interface allows the freedom to customize a site to meet your company or organization’s e-commerce or blogging requirements. Unfortunately, the points that make WordPress so attractive to web designers, also makes it a prime target for hackers to install malicious code or malware. Not only can a hack cause your site to be shut down for an extended period of time, it can also harm the search engine ranking you have worked so hard to achieve. In many cases, hacked WordPress sites are even black listed from search providers altogether.

Simple Solution:
We will clean and restore your site quickly to get it back up and running. Our team of professionals will evaluate your plug-ins, code, database, and source files to eliminate any future security risks and update to the latest version.

I installed plug-ins, and now my site is not working correctly.
WordPress plug-ins are the core of the platform functionality. There are thousands of available options that allow end users and web designers to customize their WordPress site. Many times however, installing a corrupted plug-in can create a glitch that severely hampers or interrupts website performance. Unfortunately, it is not always obvious to the user or designer which of the installed plug-ins is causing the problem.

Simple Solution:
Our team will analyze all levels of the code to find the root of the problem. Once we discover the corrupted source, we will immediately take steps to repair and update the plug-in.

My site is old and running slow.
WordPress and its plug-ins are constantly being updated. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve and update to the newest versions, website performance problems occur. Out of date WordPress versions also make it easier for hackers to access the site. Even worse, they can cause a full crash to the white screen of death.

Simple Solution:
We will make sure all components of your site are updated to the latest version and the newest functionality releases from WordPress are installed.

My theme is out of date.
WordPress makes new themes available to keep up with design trends and functionality requirements. Changing and updating a theme is allowed within WordPress, but many times transfer of content and information from an older version does not translate well in the new theme. Making custom changes to the CSS can also cause errors that require a more complex fix.

Simple Solution:
Once you choose a new theme, we will make sure your content, images, information, and plug-ins transfer correctly. We will also test your new site to make sure all components are up to date with the latest security and software updates.

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