Add a New YouTube Video to Your Website From a Mobile Phone

To show a selection of videos that is easily editable, embed a playlist. When you update the playlist on YouTube, the playlist on your site will update as well.

To get started you must create a YouTube playlist from on your desktop computer and embed the Playlist HTML code to a page on your website.

Go to

  • From go to the My Playlists page, click 'Create a Playlist' and fill out the information.
  • As you find videos you like on YouTube, click 'Add to Playlist' under the player to add them to your list. You can change the order of the videos in your playlist by returning to the 'My Playlist' page.
  • The easiest way to embed a playlist is to create a custom player. Go to your YouTube account and click "Custom Video Players", then "Create Custom Player". Select a color and format for your player, and then choose what is going to play in it—you can choose a playlist, your own uploaded content, or your favorites—and then click the "Generate Code" button.

Login to

  • Click "Edit this Page" or create a new page from the Website Manager.
  • Click the "HTML" button on the editor toolbar.
  • Copy and paste the code into the HTML editor window and click "Update".
  • Save the page

From Your Mobile Phone

  • Use app suitable for filming and uploading a video to YouTube. (Note: YouTube videos must be finished "processing" in order to proceed.)
  • From the phone's mobile browser, go to and sign in.
    Find the video you have uploaded and click "Save To" then select the playlist that has been embeded to your site. Then, click "Save".