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We strive to provide excellent service and products to our clients. Some of our clients' comments appear below.

Video Testimonials

"As a small nonprofit with limited staff resources, we knew that we needed outside assistance if we were going to be successful in revamping our "tired" website. We called upon Beverly Jones to facilitate that transition - and so glad that we did! She was instrumental in recommending a logical and user friendly navigation, developed and greatly expanded the site's content, and proposed an array of exciting visuals that made each page "pop." The end result was a much more effective and efficient communication tool to engage our current and prospective supporters."
Dennis L. Fruitt, LibraryFoundationMC.org

"You are awesome! You have been wonderful to work with and you deserve a medal for your patience with us. The site looks great and we are really excited about it. Thank you for your guiding and steady hand through the whole thing. Steve, you are lucky to have Karen on your team!"
Megan Lewis, www.kittlemansearch.com

"WOW! I'm impressed Karen! You did a fabulous job! And as usual, I wouldn't recommend anyone else! Thank you & Steve, the entire team for helping make this business so successful!"
Brian Guinee, www.gasverobeach.com

“When I made the decision to select PD/GO as my website designer, consultant and continued partner, I received more than a 'hands on' working website that contains an eLearning portal. I continue to benefit from the expertise of the PD/GO staff which takes care of any difficulty I have with my website. To their acknowledgement there have been a few difficulties, but this PD/GO staff is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and gets back with me immediately. Thank you for a GREAT partnership. You are the best.”
Karen Allen, efDA Training, LLC

"Karen - The website looks fantastic! So happy we decided to update our site. Thank you for your hard work and patience. I could not be happier! Now I know why your nickname is Tech Diva!"
Barbara Rulo, ConsignmentGalleryVeroBeach.com

"Risk Takers for Christ has been a satisfied client of PD/GO since we first launched our ministry in 2011. They designed our original website and have hosted it since the very beginning. Recently, we asked Steve and his talented staff to redesign our site to give it a fresher look and make it even more user- friendly... and we couldn't be happier with the results! PD/GO receives my highest recommendation for all of your website needs."

Previous Testimonial:

"I thought you’d like to know how successful your new site design has been... With more than a week left in the month, we are on target to have our most site visits ever for a single month."
Rev. Dale Glading, Risk Takers for Christ, Inc.

"Thank-you for providing the very best in your profession. We really appreciate everyone at PD/GO There has been an increase in palm tree business. Ellie, our daughter, who...has been marketing and networking a lot around the state, has received quite a few compliments about our website. Several customers have commented that sextonpalms is the best website in the business: especially the concise instructions and maps. She always refers to PD/GO Thank-you again, and all the best."
Frances Graves, Randy Sexton, Jr. Tree Farm

"I just wanted to tell you how great your team is to work with! Seth worked really hard yesterday getting the site live and we are thrilled!"
Vicki Williams, Botanical Concepts of Vero Beach

Original testimonial once project was finished:

"Working with PD/GO yielded nearly immediate return on investment. Within days of going live with AndiBeckInteriorDesign.com, we had the opportunity to use the new site to showcase Andi’s work, providing a crucial foundation of credibility. Based on the highlighted content plus the site’s great look, feel, form, and function, the prospect set a consultation appointment and a project engagement followed. Many thanks to PD/GO owner Steven Schwartz and his talented, professional team!"

"Hi Steve -- We continue to get great reviews about the website. A recent success: man shows up at Consignment Gallery II, talks to Andi ... takes her card ... goes to the site ... calls her (from Idaho) and says he is buying a home in Vero, wants her to do the job ... asks her to meet with his Real Estate person for a site visit - wow! You couldn't ask for a better engagement flow!"
Greg Forrer, AndiBeckInteriorDesign.com

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff have done on my website. You produced a website I can be proud of within my budget. But, my gratitude goes way beyond that. Every time I have called your office I have been treated as though I was the only customer you had. Today, you fixed my email problems, and even took the time to work on my website. I am extremely grateful to know you. Thank you."..."Seth, Thank you very much, your service is unbelievable!"
Tony Gervasio, Sr, BriteFutureElectric.com

"Laura [just] got finished with my project. Did an absolutely excellent job, I am extremely pleased... I appreciate your help."
Lanny Porter, NutechSodaBlasting.com

"Wow!!! What a great looking site! I love the grassy plain and the trees in the background. Just lovely. And I hear it's going to be easy for us to update and change... thank you Steve and PD/GO for making the transition so nice for us."
Susan Grandpierre, OVIASC.ORG

“PD/GO has been our website company for several years, always with responsive service from the support staff. So when I decided it was time to freshen the look and content of our website, I knew I could depend on them for suggestions and to get the job done quickly. I am thrilled with the results and won’t wait so long next time.”
Elizabeth Thomason, BGCIRC.org

"I am happy to enthusiastically recommend PD/GO Digital Marketing for your entire web design, development, and maintenance. My website beautifully presents all aspects of our counseling and teaching nonprofit ministry. In spite of the fact that we are not “techies”, Steve and his staff have made it easy for us to do our own updates as they are needed."
Don Burzynski, Cross-Life.org

"Working with PD/GO to develop my new website has been one of the easiest "projects" I have done in quite a while. I particularly appreciated your patience, waiting for me to get my stuff done, while I was busy getting my business "off the ground" at the same time. You pleasantly reminded me without sounding the least annoyed or frustrated. In my world, that makes you a pro. Thank you!"
Timothy C. Brown, BCS-LLC.net

"It looks awesome! Thanks again, and thank the whole team for me, Steve and Laura and anyone else besides you four who may have worked on it! It really looks great! I’m excited to get it up and running and to learn how to manipulate it. Many thanks again!"
David Alfano, DMD, DrDavidAlfano.com

"Steve, Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the new website. My thanks to you and all your team for making it work so well. It’s so easy to change things. It’s so easy to get advice and help. I’m proud of how the world sees me."
Stuart Kennedy, verobeach.tc

"I had been using Mac's iweb software for my own site and didn't think any other program could match its ease of use. I am happy to say that PD/GO is every bit as user-friendly as iweb."
Braxton Hunter, SBCEvangelist.org

"Thank you Steve!! You are a peach!"
Cindy Hogue, SBCEvangelist.org

"Well you assured me many times that it would be easy to make changes and updates to my website and your were SO RIGHT! I love the ease in which I can update. Many heartfelt thanks to you and to Seth! Go PD/GO!"
Dr. Lynn Williams, YourMindHealth.com

"I love the new PD/GO System! It saves lots of steps!"
Debra Shelton, DavidShelton.org

"Dr. Kay really likes her web site a lot....seems very happy with it and Laurie has already made some changes and added games. She is quite proud of herself. Many thanks for your patience with us and for a great product."
Dr. Kay Betancourt, KayBetancourt.com

"YAY!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much. You rock!"
Sheana Firth, InsideTrackAlmanac.com

"I've had the priviledge of working with Steve through my involvement in the Vero Beach Christian Business Association. Steve's system is VERY easy to use, and the websites look great! Not only is the PD/GO Team always ready, willing and able to address any issues you might have, but they're PROACTIVE --- they're constantly upgrading, staying on the cutting edge of technology in order to keep their sites safe and to maximize the hits, click-thrus, etc. for their clients. If you want a professional-caliber website that's easy to create and maintain, you want PD/GO!"
Marc Camelleri, VBCBA.org

"Our [church] council thought the first version was great! The final product was even better."
Bob Rain, ChurchofJoy.org

"...You have a great service at a reasonable cost…very valuable to us. Thanks."
Nicole Lewis, APG-Dev.com

"...We have so many comments on the website. Just yesterday a patient told us it was one of the best medical sites he had been to for a practice such as ours. Just wanted to pass that along to you.... Yeaaaaaaaaaaa YOU ROCK"
Sheila Griffin, OrthoCenterVB.com

"...We love our new design, and the design process went very smooth. Karen is very talented and did an awesome job making my vision come to life."
Brandi Lafferty, TheLaffertyGroup.com

"Thank-you for your services. Andy and I are really pleased with all the results. As we have told Kate, everyone who first sees our business cards or website all say the same thing...WOW, this is nice, cute etc. Which is exactly the response we wanted to get from people. So, yes a success...and I will continue to refer you to colleagues!!!"
Mindy M. Hall, DMD, SeasideSmiles.com

"I have been involved with the Internet from the point that it moved to the World Wide Web. My reaction in the early days was to buy code books and an HTML editor to create my own styles and modules. Now it is simply not worth it. A group like PD/GO comes along and creates a template technology that allows the flexibility to be creative but in a way that eliminates time and energy. If you a propeller-head techie or a neophyte technophobe, PD/GO is the way to go."
Bob Hitching, BobHitching.com

"Dear Steve, Nancy here. Just wanted to say that this PD/GO is great. I have enjoyed watching Bob pull together the updates on our website. Thanks for all the work you did to make this facility available to us. It is really helping us get our message out while being in the 'drivers seat' so to speak. Great to be able to bounce back and forth between the graphic creative work and the site to see how it looks before putting something up."
Nancy Hitching, BobHitching.com

Video Testimonials

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