Is Your Healthcare Website Accessible for all of your Patients?

As a healthcare provider, you may not be providing a user-friendly website to current patients or potential new patients who have disabilities such as blindness, low vision and hearing loss. For instance, someone who is blind can access your web-based content using a device called a screen reader. A website page must be set up in such a way so that is fully accessible to those using screen readers. Some modifications to the web content, as well as the HTML code, make the content accessible to individuals using screen readers.

Not only will making your website accessible benefit your patients, but currently it is required by Federal law. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, require that businesses and organizations which offer goods and/or services to the public must ensure all web-based and electronic content be easily accessible for those with disabilities, including blindness, low vision and hearing loss. Healthcare providers whose websites fail to comply with this standard are vulnerable to legal claims that can cost a small fortune in court costs and legal settlements.

In Indian River County Florida, Treasure Coast Community Health became aware of other Community Health Centers that were threatened with $48,000 lawsuits for non-compliant websites.

“When we learned there was the potential of a lawsuit for non-ADA compliant websites, we were extremely concerned. We wanted to remedy the situation as soon as possible. I contacted Steve Schwartz at PD/GO and fortunately, he and his team were able to create an ADA compliant website that provides those in need with the opportunity to access information by removing barriers.”

Vicki Soulé, CEO of Treasure Coast Community Health.

To find out if your website is compliant with the requirements of the ADA, click and enter your full website address, such as, in the box labeled “Address,” and then click the “Check It” button. This tool will scan your website and will report the results of the scan.

Most websites have several violations of the accessibility standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)

At PD/GO, our team can create an alternate version of your website using PD/GO Version 4 that will be accessible to your current patients and new visitors to your website. Read more or contact us.

Visit a PD/GO Digital Marketing accessible website. Click on the "Accessible Website" link in the header of the websites below.

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