The PD/GO System

The PD/GO System is a content management system. Simply put, it is a platform that enables you to manage the content of your own website.

Our team will create a high quality website that fits your brand and give you personal training to edit your content.

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All of the websites that we design are attractive, engaging and responsive. When a website is responsive, it 'responds' to a visitor's device to fit within the available space. The same website will function beautifully whether your visitor is on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Not only will we design a top-quality, responsive website, we will personally train you to make updates to your content yourself. Would you like to change your hours, add sales information or add a staff member bio? Need to update product information, add a calendar or a blog? You can make changes easily and instantly using the PD/GO System drag-and-drop functionality. If you are happy with your updates to your website content, simply click “publish” and the new version of your page becomes live.

You can make changes to your website from any computer anywhere just by logging into your PD/GO account. Technical Support is just a phone call or email away.

Too busy to make some updates yourself? We are always happy to make updates for you for a reasonable hourly fee.

Learn about all of the features that are included in the PD/GO System. New features are added regularly!

List of features

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Our standard fee of $39 per month includes:

  • Full use of the PD/GO System so you can make as many website content updates as you wish, 24/7, on PC, Mac or tablet;
  • Basic technical support;
  • Make your website up to 100 pages in size;
  • Website hosting;
  • Daily data backups to three different servers;
  • Create and host up to 10 email accounts at 500 MB/account;
  • Website visitor statistics;
  • There are many features built into the PD/GO System to help your website have the best chance at ranking well on the major search engines.